Zippo -  221 Camo & Zippo Design

Zippo - 221 Camo & Zippo Design

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This *Zippo lighter is enhanced with a camo design. The rest of the lighter is matt dark green.

Zippo lighters have been produced ever since 1932. The American company has almost become a synonym for this type of lighter. Everyone has seen them! The function of a wick hanging in a reservoir of lighter fluid is characteristic for this lighter. By rotating the wheel alongside a flint the sparks will hit the wick. As such it will light up. A wind catcher is fitted around the wick. As such the Zippo has been quite wind-resistant for dozens of years, even before storm lighters emerged.

Zippo's have always been a part of life. Amongst (survival) enthusiasts and collectors. This is because the simple mechanism of a Zippo is much easier to troubleshoot in the field than a modern lighter.

Using your Zippo for the first time

A zippo lighter is empty upon delivery. As such you need to fill it before use. The best thing you can do is use the original Zippo lighter fluid, but benzene is also possible. We are, unfortunately, not able to ship lighter fluid because of safety reasons.

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