WFT Gliss Monotex Line

WFT Gliss Monotex Line

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A new line so thin and strong that it could replace braid! The company behind the development is World Fishing Tackle (WFT), which has been working on this secret project for two and a half years.

This Gliss Line, is made from extruded HMPE fibres and according to WFT's Managing Director, Christian Dibisch, combines the qualities of both a monofilament and a braid.

Gliss resembles a mono, but has tremendous advantages, including nearly zero stretch. “It also offers exceptionally low diameter-to-breaking strain ratios. At 0.010 diameter, it's 4kg BS!
The low stretch means it's very sensitive so you can constantly feel what's going on under the surface of the water.

The manufacturing process of Gliss makes it less expensive to produce, combined with the outstanding performance might just make this a true 3rd generation product that might well be the go-to fishing line for all anglers in the next few seasons.

  • Round profile
  • Tremendous strength to diameter
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Exceptionally slick surface profile
  • Low water absorption
  • Treated to ensure almost unlimited UV resistance
  • Made in Japan

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