Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Navy Camo

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Navy Camo

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The Victorinox Huntsman is based on the legendary 'officers knife'. This was Victorinox's first Swiss pocket knife that started it all. The characteristic appearance of the Huntsman will look familiar to many people. With its 15 tools, the Victorinox Huntsman is ready to help you with any task. Cut, saw, cut, pick and screw. This versatile Swiss pocket knife offers all the essential tools for every adventurer!

Most important tools

Large knife

The knife is razor-sharp and has a cutting edge of no less than 6 cm. Once opened there is no wiggle room. As such it is suited for the more heavy-duty tasks. When opening and closing the blade you hear a familiar click.

Wood saw

Branches as thick as your wrist are no problem for this wood saw. The saw is thin. The spine is about 1.2mm thick and the serrations are 1.6mm thick. Because the spine is smaller than the teeth the saw won't get stuck in the wood and it limits friction. In addition to living wood this saw can handle pallets and shelves.


What do you use an awl for? For all tasks you wouldn't use the tip of your knife for! The awl has a one-sided grind. As such it is great to make markings on wood. Which side of the line should you adhere to when you mark something with a pencil? With an awl this isn't a problem. In addition, it is very practical to use an awl to prick into soft metals. To mark where you should drill for instance.


After removing the foil from the cork you can remove the cork with the corkscrew. The most creative way of using a corkscrew is using it as a coat rack. Turn the corkscrew into a wall and use the handle as a hanger.

Combination tool

A practical tool is the combination tool. This tool can be used as a bottle opener, wire stripper and screw driver.


Reliability and perfection up to the smallest details: a Victorinox is a real-life companion. Victorinox guarantees that all knives and multi-tools are made from stainless steel. For that reason Victorinox gives out a lifelong warranty on material and production flaws. This means you don't have to worry if you find a production flaw.

Key features

  • Perfect for sawing wood or cutting ropes when climbing, hiking and camping
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 15 functions
  • Includes scissors and a wood saw
Item number 1.3713
Height 21 mm
Length 91 mm
Weight 97 g

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