Tony Dixon Tuneable Polymer Low D Whistle (TB012)

Tony Dixon Tuneable Polymer Low D Whistle (TB012)

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Suitable for all ages and abilities, this Low D Whistle features a lightweight, tapered bore aimed specifically at entry level students. The tapered body was designed to give a richer tone for an ABS instrument, the by-product of which is a smoother transition over the octave break. Its light weight also helps with the ergonomics when moving up to a larger instrument.

The head is removable which provides the ability to tune the instrument and also facilitates easier cleaning. The body for this whistle also has the advantage of fitting Tony Dixon's tenor flute head, turning it into an excellent beginner's simple system flute.

Features of the Tony Dixon Polymer Low Whistle:

  • Tenor whistle
  • Tuneable
  • Polymer body
  • ABS head
  • Key of D
  • Removable head
  • Length: 22.75"

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