SpiderWire Dura 4 Braid - Moss Green (150m)

SpiderWire Dura 4 Braid - Moss Green (150m)

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The Spiderwire Dura 4 Braid is a classic 4 carrier braid combination and boasts premium durability with a thicker diameter and abrasive nature that is ideal for vertical jigging and bait fishing applications.

Utilising PE fibres and a four carrier construction, this braid is incredibly strong and highly durable with an excellent strength to diameter ratio. Its tough properties makes it ideal for cutting through dense vegetation and it offers superior rigidty.

Dura 4, like all Spiderwire braids, is ultra thin, strong and highly sensitive at an incredibly affordable price point.

We have the Spiderwire Dura 4 Braid in a low-visibility, Moss Green colour and in a variety of breaking strains for you to choose from.

Classic four carrier construction
No stretch
Very strong on diameter
Durable PE fibres

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