Shimano Yasei Pike Casting Rod 2.50m 40-100g
Shimano Yasei Pike Casting Rod 2.50m 40-100g

Shimano Yasei Pike Casting Rod 2.50m 40-100g

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Shimano Yasei Pike Casting Cork 2.50m 40-100g

Yasei Pike Casting 250XH When you like to target specimen pike with the large up to XXL sized lures, we have the perfect rods in our range for you. Starting with a Yasei Pike Casting 250XH, which is a 2-piece rod with a casting weight up to 100 grams. It is the perfect rod when you like to fish with bigger spinnerbaits, medium to large softbaits and swimbaits or even crankbaits in combination with a heavy-duty baitcasting reel. In addition, you don’t have to get another rod for fishing with a deadbait and a float during wintertime, since the Yasei Pike Casting 250XH is also perfect for this technique! It bends very well on a pike, but still has enough backbone to set the hook properly or to stop a fish from getting too close to structures. The lightweight blank also ensures you that you can enjoy fishing with this rod whole day long without feeling fatigue. Yasei Pike Casting 230XXH The Yasei Pike Casting 230XXH is designed to cast large up to XXL lures like big spinnerbaits, big softbaits, swimbaits etc. up to 170g. As with every rod in the Yasei series, every model has been evaluated in detail. On this rod, we put a special Fuji Palming seat. This special reel seat gives you much better grip when fishing with heavy baits compared to a conventional trigger trip. In addition, the palming seat eliminates the irritation of the trigger between your fingers and relaxes your wrist because of the angle in which you hold the rod. Thereby making sure that you can cast big baits whole day long without experiencing any kind of fatigue. Yasei Pike Casting 260 Extreme If you are planning to fish the biggest of baits around and to chase those monster pikes on huge lakes or rivers, the Yasei Pike Casting 260 Extreme will be your best friend. Being able to cast up to 270 grams, it can handle huge swimbaits and softbaits. With a length of 260cm, you will be able to cast great distances. To make fishing comfortable with these kind of lures, the rod butt is often secured in the armpit and the rod is being held in front of the reel. Therefore, this rod had a longer butt section and a larger front grip. Just like the Yasei Pike Casting 230XXH, this rod is also equipped with a palming reel seat. This is all done in order to make the fishing with big XXL lures as comfortable as it can get.

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