Scierra Copolymer Nylon Tippet Material

Scierra Copolymer Nylon Tippet Material

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Scierra Copolymer Nylon Tippet Material

These are very strong nylon tippet materials, made from the best Japanese resin-impregnated copolymer. They possess a very low memory and have superior knot strength.

The 2017 Scierra Tippet Material has been developed from the idea of an optimal mix of strength, visibility and stiffness. The knot strengths of the different nylon and fluorocarbon diameters are extraordinary and we have worked hard to find the perfect balance of diameter and stiffness.

• Made from Japanese copolymer materials• Optimal knot strength• We have used different degrees of stiffnesses for different diameters, the thinnest diameters require stiffer materials to avoid memory when fishing with voluminous dry flies• Fluorocarbon is ‘invisible’ under water• Spooled on a click together dispenser

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