Rublex Orlac Spoon

Rublex Orlac Spoon

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In the last decade the spoons have become somewhat despised – as they were considered as a piece of metal that cannot to be compared to the polished and beautifully colored wobblers or beautifully coloured bait made of cast silicone. Meanwhile, it is worth to fish again with these spoons as they are still very effective when fishing for pike and zander, are attacked by the big perch and trout. Trout and salmon can also react very aggressively.

Spoons Rublex Orlac are ideal for less experienced spinning anglers- a well-done spoon with a proper embossment does not need special treatments to make its work more attractive ... All you need to do is to reel it, even in the steady pace, although alternating deceleration and acceleration reeling of the line is recommended.

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