Pub Prop - "Don't drop it, Pub Prop it"
Pub Prop - "Don't drop it, Pub Prop it"

Pub Prop - "Don't drop it, Pub Prop it"

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Ideal for all guitar, fiddle and banjo players who enjoy pub sessions. The pub prop can be adapted for guitar, fiddle and banjo. It screws to the table securely. The instrument can hang on the pub prop and is secured into the pub prop by the yoke, leaving it hanging at the side of the table. The motto is "don't drop it, pub prop it". This product is an insurance against having your instrument accidentally damaged by leaving it on a seat or on the floor while you are called to the bar.
Long necked instruments should rest on the floor in the same manner as a guitar. Never 'hang' a tenor or a short neck banjo from the pub prop make sure it is resting on the floor before securing. Some lighter instruments may be hung e.g. a violin and a fiddle bow may be hung from the "Bow cut out".
Any trad musician worth their salt has one of these on them at all times!

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