Philips Wireless Home Cinema Headphones - SHC5200/05
Philips Wireless Home Cinema Headphones - SHC5200/05

Philips Wireless Home Cinema Headphones - SHC5200/05

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Wireless freedom

Fully rechargeable wireless headphones

  • 32 mm drivers/closed-back
  • Over-ear

32 mm speaker driver delivers high-performance sound

The 32 mm speaker driver is a compact yet powerful element for delivering non-distorted sound with any given input power.

Self-adjusting inner headband

Typically, headphones worn outdoors are adjustable by sliding an extendable headband into position. This can be inconvenient as it usually has to be done every time you use them. But now you can get your music fix faster and easier thanks to the flexible, self-adjusting inner headband on these headphones, which automatically adjusts to your head's shape and size.

Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use.

The durable, lightweight quality materials of these Philips headphones enhance comfort for extended wear.

FM Wireless transmission for freedom of movement

With high-frequency FM wireless transmission, which can even pass through walls, you can even listen to your music when you're in another room.

Fully rechargeable

The headphones are designed to be used with rechargeable batteries. No worries about cost for repeated use.

Choose from 2 channels to minimise interference

With a choice of two transmission channels your listening pleasure is protected because you can easily switch to the one with the best reception.

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