Preema Chafing Gel D.E.G Wick Fuel
Preema Chafing Gel D.E.G Wick Fuel

Preema Chafing Gel D.E.G Wick Fuel

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Keep your hot food at the perfect serving temperature with chafing fuel. Suitable for use alongside most commercial chafing dishes, the gel fuel sits neatly underneath, gently warming food for up to 6 hours.

Inside the easy-open tin is a non-toxic, low aroma ethanol-based gel which is both easy to light and resistant to occasional gusts of air. And thanks to the bio-ethanol composition of the gel, there's little sooting or chemical residue, so there's much less chance of the chafing fuel causing irritation to those with particular sensitivities.

Sold in a pack of 12 and singley with each can lasting up 6 hours, there's a generous amount of burn time for a breakfast, lunchtime or dinner service. And once used, the tins are easily recyclable, so there's less going to landfill. A superb option for areas where electric chafers aren't an option.

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 200g
  • Colour Stainless Steel
  • Easy to open - makes setup easy
  • Approximately 6-hour burn time - ideal for breakfast services
  • Easily recyclable once depleted
  • Designed for professional use only. Single use
  • Easy-light bio-ethanol fuel
  • Fits in most traditional chafing dishes

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