Mepps Trout Kit

Mepps Trout Kit

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The kit trout Mepps contains 7 essential spoons:
- 1 spoon Mepps AGLIA DECOREE N°1 Money Blackheads 3.5G
- 1 spoon Mepps AGLIA DECOREE N°1 Money Red Points 3.5G
- 1 spoon Mepps AGLIA N°2 Money 4.5G
- 1 spoon Mepps BLACK FURY Black N°2 Yellow Points 4.5G
- 1 Mepps spoon MAKES N°2 silver Red dot 4.5G
- 1 spoon Mepps AGLIA LONG N°1 4.5G
- 1 spoon Mepps XD N°2 silver 5G

AGLIA: to fish high rod as of the point of impact, then to lower the tip as the spoon derives towards the central vein. To pass from a fast retrieve to a retrieve slowed down towards deepest. To choose a blade “money” the morning and the evening or by dark water and a blade “gold” in middle of day or by clear water. For the low depths, to pass to N°1.

MAKES: to connect fast and slow recoveries and blows of tip to benefit the maximum of the very provocative effect of this blade batifolante like a minnow. To choose Black Fury for very limpid water.

AGLIA: its blade “breaks into leaf of willow” intends it for the veins fast and deep water and to fish to go up the stream along the banks, for the posts which are dug there.

XD: door and compacts, it allows long casts and the exploration of the deep stations. To lower the point of the rod to let the XD dive behind large stones.

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