Mepps Preditor Kit
Mepps Preditor Kit

Mepps Preditor Kit

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The kit predator Mepps contains 6 spoons:

- 1 spinner Mepps AGLIA N°2 GOLD: for trout and chub in living waters: to work in fast retrieve. For calm water exploration: to work in slowed down Retrieve.

- 1 spinner Mepps AGLIA N°3 RED POINTS: for the progressive exploration of all the stations with predators. To proceed by casts in ranges, courts then lengthened and on all levels of depth.

- 1 spinner Mepps WINNER N°3 MONEY POMPOM: spinner without lead. For all fishings of surface and Pike and black bass above herbaria.

- 1 Mepps spinner MAKES N°2 MONEY RAINBO: for the pole, very attracted by its flickering action and its iridescent decoration.

- 1 spinner Mepps AGLIA N°1 MONEY Blackheads: for all the predators in activity at a shallow depth and betraying their presence by huntings on the alevins (pike, perch, black, chub, trout).

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