Mepps Pike Kit

Mepps Pike Kit

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The kit pike Mepps contains essential spoons:
- 1 spinner Mepps AGLIA FLUO Orange N°4 9G
- 1 spinner Yellow Mepps AGLIA FLUO N°4 9G
- 1 Mepps spinner with pompom teases red LUSOX FLUO Rouge N°2 16G
- 1 Mepps spinner MAKES N°5 silver Red Points 11G
- 1 spinner Mepps AGLIA N°5 silver 13G

AGLIA FLUO: their fluorescence very extremely brings a visual effect which makes possible pike to better locate its prey and to better adjust its yell. To choose Orange for clear water and “Charterhouse” for dark water.

LUSOX FLUO: for the broadest exploration and in all the plans. With its sealed, interchangeable, at the head: fish in the vertical plan until in more the great depths. Without its weighed down: fish close to surface and above herbaria.

COMET: nonchalant and disordered pace: to fish along the banks and between the herbaria. Handled rods high with sharp jolts, it will be maintained almost on the spot: very effective in the holes of unexplorable herbaria in rectilinear retrieve.

AGLIA: for fast and precise fishings with the short-nap cloth of all the obstacles. And also to use when water becomes agitated by the wind and the waves, conditions very favorable to the activity of pike.

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