Madcat Stainless Crane Swivels with Snaps 75kg

Madcat Stainless Crane Swivels with Snaps 75kg

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MadCat Stainless Crane Swivels With Snap

- Powerful pin swivel
- Multiple options available
- Number of pieces per pack: 5
- Handy swivel
- Super strong
- Easy to use
- Change lures quickly
- Finished with a non-reflective black PTFE coating
- Suitable for the most powerful fish!


The MadCat Crane Swivel With Snap is a super strong pin swivel that is ideal for lure fishing when you need to change baits frequently. This swivel is very easy to use, allowing you to change lures in a matter of seconds. Finished with a non-reflective black PTFE coating. Perfect for the heavy work.

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