Leeda 45" Umbrella

Leeda 45" Umbrella

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Leeda as a brand has been supplying the angling community with unique and versatile fishing gear since the 1980s. They build on their decades of experience to continue to supply a range of practical but affordable products that an angler of any capability can use. Leeda aims to serve all sectors of the angling market, including Coarse, Sea, Game and Carp.

This umbrella, in particular, is ideal for carp or coarse fishing due to the nature of carp and coarse fishing require you to make your swim sheltered and comfortable. The green colour also adds benefit to carp fishing with a less distinctive and camouflage colour.

This Leeda 45 inch umbrella provides a wide enough diameter to cover yourself or gear. The brolly is especially ideal for sessions in the typical UK weather, whether it is some shade from the sun or cover from the rain, this umbrella is prepared for all weathers.

The material of the umbrella is made from nylon, making it incredibly lightweight and great base material for water resistance. The PU coating ensures the brolly is completely waterproof. Unlike some bivvy's, the lightness of the umbrella makes it an easily portable product.

The brolly can be secured using the adjustable ground spike. The sharp end of the spike allows you to piece through tough terrain, preventing a gust of wind blowing the umbrella away from your set up. The strong zinc frame also adds to the strength of this product against winds as well as providing a tilt mechanism allow the mainframe. The title lets you adjust the angle depending on the level or uneven ground you may be set up on near the bank.

For setting in, the umbrella easily clicks into place providing the traditional round umbrella shape. For closing, the umbrella features a one-touch folding mechanism, meaning if you are already holding and carrying other gear, with a single touch of one hand the umbrella shall fold down into its original, closed form. Of course, this can then she clipped to a secure the frame.

So for a good quality tilt nylon umbrella from a trusted brand, consider Leeda's 45-inch umbrella.

Key Features

  • Steel frame in traditional round shape 45 inch diameter.

  • Single tilt action.

  • One touch folding mechanism

  • High wear areas are reinforced

  • Adjustable ground spike

  • Green colour

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