illex Tricoroll 55mm/3.5g Sinking
illex Tricoroll 55mm/3.5g Sinking

illex Tricoroll 55mm/3.5g Sinking

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The Tricoroll is one of our favourite baits. This little minnow has been specially designed for fast water trout fishing and has all the characteristics needed to become an ultra-light classic! Lures Illex Tricoroll: * Ultra realistic finish * Perfectly balanced body that is stable in fast water * 4 different densities: F = Floating. This version will allow you to float a bait along with the current without getting snagged up in vegetation or snagged up in very shallow water. SP=Suspended. Particularly effective in steadier rivers when predators are sitting just under shoals of fry. S=Sinking. This sinks slowly and HS=Heavy sinking; faster sinking version. Both models are very accurate casters and let you spend time working over likely looking spots. * Rolling action that is just as deadly on slow or fast retrieves. The flanks will shimmer at the slightest twitch or pull. * Very easy to work with twitches and jerks. * OWNER treble hooks

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