Gorilla Super Glue 2 x 6g tubes

Gorilla Super Glue 2 x 6g tubes

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The Gorilla Super Glue Twin Pack - 6g includes two 3g super glue tubes. This super glue is a high quality adhesive, suitable for use on smooth, rough and even uneven surfaces. This super glue can be used indoors or outdoors as it can withstand moderate exposure to water and is impact-resistant to handle everyday use after your repair. The glue tip features a metal pin to keep the nozzle clean and free from blockages of glue. It is a versatile glue, which allows you to use this bonding agent on nearly every material such as wood, metal, ceramics, some plastics, rubber and more. This glue has a set time of 30-60 seconds and is fully cured after 24 hours. This super glue dries clear, keeping your project looking spotless from glue repairs.

  • Quick drying
  • Suitable to use on most surfaces
  • No clamping needed
  • Anti-clog tip to keep nozzle clean
  • Height: 17cm
  • Width: 8.5cm
  • Weight: 6gr

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