Gelert Survival Bag

Gelert Survival Bag

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Gelert Survival Bag


This us a handy item to carry with you, especially if you are unable to bring a tent. Compact enough to stow away in a bag and not take up too much space. Ideally, you also need a compact sleeping bag and a space blanket for maximum comfort. But you could manage with just clothes. I felt it could be a bit bigger and offer better head coverage; so I would recommend wearing a hood or similar. You also have to take off your boots to sleep in it - maybe something you don't want to do in a serious survival situation! But I found it durable and it kept me dry and warm in less than ideal conditions (on a drizzly hill in Wiltshire)! Maybe the next model could offer better head protection - a clever person could rig up something themselves along these lines....but obviously consider ventilation. Anyhow, it survived the night intact and is ready for another adventure!

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