Acme 660 Black Plastic Whistle

Acme 660 Black Plastic Whistle

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Acme Thunderer Plastic 660 Whistle is the easiest to blow.
You only have to breathe into this whistle to get a loud sound.
This whistle is recommended for anyone who is short of breath, as a safety whistle for the young and elderly.

What is more this whistle has refereed F.A. and World Cup Finals!! Its power and reliability is proven with sales of over 30 million.

This is a non stick pea whistle. 
They are easy blow sports whistles for all sports. 
We have both clear and high pitch whistles from Acme. 
  • Injection moulded plastic.
  • Non-stick pea whistle, high pitch, easily blown.
  • Blow Tone: 3600Hz.
  • Weighs 5g.
  • Dimensions: 5(l) x 1.8(w) x 2(h) cm.  
  • Preferred for soccer, rugby and coaching.
  • Single.
  • Black.

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