Umarex Elite Force H8R 6mm Airsoft CO2 Revolver

Umarex Elite Force H8R 6mm Airsoft CO2 Revolver

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  • One of the latest pistols released by Umarex of Germany
  • A really beefy looking revolver mimicking their HDR 50 range.
  • Chambered for 6mm airsoft with a 10 round capacity and shoots at approx 280-300fps.
  • Made predominantly from tough nylon with lots of metal parts, the pistol is surprisingly heavy at 722g loaded.
  • The cylinder does not remove entirely, instead just the rear section is removable once the sliding lock is activated.
  • Once this magazine disc is removed, a total of x10 BBs can be pushed into each hole and the disc placed back into place.
  • You get a total of x3 magazine discs with the pistol, giving you lots of shooting capacity!
  • Built in adjustable hop-up unit, which is adjustable via the allen screw on top of the pistol.
  • Rubberised contoured grips give a comfortable grip in the hand.
  • One of the most unique pistols on the market!
  • Gen 2 model.

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