Tom Grennan - Evering Road LP (Vinyl)

Tom Grennan - Evering Road LP (Vinyl)

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'Evering Road' marks a bold and exciting new chapter for Tom Grennan, blasting back with a sophomore album shot through with raw emotion and searing honesty. Named after the East London address Tom shared with his then-girlfriend, it's a hub of love, heartbreak and redemption. The album features the single 'This Is The Place', the soulful, introspective 'Oh Please' and 'Amen', a gospel-inspired awakening as Tom roars, 'I don't go to church, but Amen!'

Disc 1
1. If Only - Tom Grennan
2. Something Better - Tom Grennan
3. Little Bit of Love - Tom Grennan
4. Amen - Tom Grennan
5. It Hurts - Tom Grennan
6. Never Be a Right Time - Tom Grennan
7. This Is the Place - Tom Grennan
8. Sweeter Then - Tom Grennan
9. Make My Mind Up - Tom Grennan
10. Second Time - Tom Grennan
11. You Matter to Me - Tom Grennan
12. Oh Please - Tom Grennan
13. I Don't Need a Reason - Tom Grennan
14. Love Has Different Ways to Say Goodbye - Tom Grennan

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