Swiss Arms MLE SP2022 NBB (CO2)
Swiss Arms MLE SP2022 NBB (CO2)
Swiss Arms MLE SP2022 NBB (CO2)

Swiss Arms MLE SP2022 NBB (CO2)

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This Non-Blowback pistol from Swiss Arms, is based on the SIG SP2022 pistol. Complete with metal slide, this gun is heavyweight, which feels extremely realistic in the hand. The ergonomic grip is snug, and the controls are easy to reach (safety, and magazine release).

As it is non-blowback, the slide itself doesn't move - it is fixed in place. This makes it more economic on Co2, giving you more shots per canister. It also makes it more reliable, as there are fewer moving parts, and thus less that can go wrong.

The Co2 (sold separately) is stored in the heavyweight magazine, which also holds 15 BB's. When inserting the magazine, make sure you are not pulling the trigger - doing so will damage the inner barrel and require repairs.

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Co2 Capsules (sold separately)
Blowback Non-Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 15
Length 18cm
Weight 0.7kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Fixed

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