Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Mini Tails
Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Mini Tails
Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Mini Tails

Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Mini Tails

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Miuras Mouse was designed by an Italian lure builder named Maurizio Carini and it's been on the market for several years with an extreme amount of big pike on its record.

After the victory in FLY VS JERK 10 for Stefan Trumstedt and Pierre Monjarret, who caught a 127 cm/13,88 kg and a 114 cm/10,6 kg pike on the Miuras Mouse in the final episode which gave them the victory, the interest in this lure has exploded. And that for a good reason - it's a true big fish magnet.

The big profile combined with the flat "nose" in the front which pushes a lot of water, and the twin tail that moves in all speeds, this is the perfect snack for a big pike looking for an easy meal. Can be fished extremely slowly. It's slowly sinking and you can fish is very shallow, but you can also attach a Fastach sinker in the nose and fish it on any depth you want. A must-have lure for all serious pike anglers!

The super-popular Miuras Mouse is now also available as a downsizer option! This Italian masterpiece designed by Maurizio “Miura” Carini was realized together with Catch With Care AB.
Another important characteristic of the Miuras Mouse is its ability to shift large amounts water. These qualities provide the Miuras mice their unparalleled ability to take down large pike; particularly when fishing at lower speed in waters with high fishing pressure.

The Miuras mouse can be used at very low speeds and it is easy to control even in the harshest conditions. Its astounding features make it a proper fish magnet. The mouse is double-treated to ensure its durability. The tail is attached with BFT screw, which allows you to replace it quickly. The hook size of the smaller Miuras is 1/0. All Miuras mice are made by hand under the watchful eye of Maurizio, thus guaranteeing their high quality! Test it and see for yourself!

20cm, 60gr. 

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