Stormsure Flexible Adhesive 15g Tube

Stormsure Flexible Adhesive 15g Tube

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Stormsure flexible glue adhesive in clear. Use only for very small repairs to smaller RIB's and dinghies.

Use Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive for repairing items of virtually all flexible materials such as Neoprene, Rubber, Leather, PVC, Polyurethane, Breathable fabrics (like Gortex) and coated fabrics.

Stormsure is also ideal for repairing: rips, splits, leaks and tears in wetsuits and drysuits, waders, waterproof clothing, ponchos, tents, marquees, ground sheets, awnings, paddling pools, pool liners, inflatable boats and toys, horse rugs, trainers, car seat repairs, childrens toys etc.

Stormsure works on most materials, but not Polythene, Polypropylene or PTFE. It is not Aquaseal or Aquasure but does exactly the same job, and it does not form a skin as quickly which allows more working time.

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