Premier Bodied Flyer Waggler Floats

Premier Bodied Flyer Waggler Floats

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Premier is a family run British company, with over four decades of experience crafting fishing tackle that's designed with British anglers, and British waters, foremost in mind, and manufactured to the highest standard, giving you the best experience, whatever your fishing discipline, and whatever kind of water you typically fish.

The Giant Bodied Waggler Set features a large, buoyant, balsa body, which offers a greater weight capacity than other floats on the market, and increased stability in choppy waters or windy conditions.  The medium diameter tip offers superb bite registration, while the small ring at the base of the waggler can be used as a slider, for added versatility in the water.

With an unobtrusive matte black finish and a hi-vis orange top, these floats can be clearly seen fro the bank, but won't spook the fish once they're in the water.

The Giant Bodied Waggler Set includes sizes 3AAA, 4AAA, and 3SSG, giving you complete versatility whatever fish you're out after, and whatever the water conditions are on the day.

With their knowledge of British waters and British angling, Premier is a company you can trust to deliver quallity, high-performance tackle and equipment across the board, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your floats will stand up to the roughest conditions, and the most aggressive takes.

Key Features

  • Large buoyant balsa body
  • Gives a greater weight capacity
  • Medium diameter tip gives good bite registration
  • Superb stability in windy and choppy conditions
  • Small ring at the base is ideal choice for use as a slider
  • The floats are finished in matt black
  • Features a hi-vis top
  • Sizes: 3AAA, 4AAA &3SSG

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