OCB Virgin Slim Paper & Tips
OCB Virgin Slim Paper & Tips

OCB Virgin Slim Paper & Tips

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The unbleached slim OCB with cartons! 

Why should you have to carry a packet of rolling papers and a bag of filter tips when OCB offers both products in the same packaging? The very practical Booklet of OCB slim Virgin Paper with tips will allow you to roll your filter cigarettes very easily without cluttering up with a multitude of boxes.

Unbleached OCB slim rolling paper with integrated tip filters

OCB offers you the Booklet of 32 slim sheets + 32 cardboard cigarette filters in the Virgin Paper version. OCB Virgin paper is an unbleached paper. Brown unbleached and unrefined sheets for a 100% natural experience.

Like all ultra fine OCB papers, each sheet is of incomparable quality, made from natural gum arabic and watermarked with special care to guarantee the best transparency. The weight of the OCB sheets is 13.5 g per m² with a format of 109 x 44 mm, hence the name "Slim". The 32 toncar filters Hookah seals to Booklet are pre-cut and perforated, which will make your rolls easier to roll.

In recent years, OCB has developed a large number of environmentally friendly products. The "Virgin Paper" range is a perfect example of this. Unbleached, extra fine, naturally brown in colour, the fibres of ocb virgin paper sheets are GMO-free and harvested responsibly. In addition to improving the quality of the sheets, OCB has also greatly improved the packaging by using vegetable-based inks, biodegradable materials and 100% recycled cardboard.

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