Natural Chestnut Crook Handle Walking Stick.

Natural Chestnut Crook Handle Walking Stick.

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Sturdy Natural Chestnut Dark Brown Crook Stick - Standard Length

A sturdy yet beautiful classic wooden crook cane. This Chestnut Crook Handled Walking Stick is made from a hardwood that has retained a natural knotted look. The crook handle gives this cane a classic style and the wood has been stained a reddish dark-brown, giving this walking stick a lovely finish. Chestnut (Castanaea dentata) is a fast-growing hardwood. It has a similar strength to oak, while being lightweight, making it the perfect choice for stick craft. Sourced from sustainable forests.

A beautiful standard-length rustic chestnut crook handled walking stick

✓ Rustic Standard Length Chestnut Walking Stick
✓ Crook handled
✓ A robust and lightweight stick for everyday use
✓ Sustainably sourced wood

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