SoftAir Gel Sticky Target 12” (30CM)

SoftAir Gel Sticky Target 12” (30CM)

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Shooting targets is some of the most fun you can have with an airsoft pistol - whether it's plinking away, or refining your aim. There are a myriad of different targets available depending on your preference.

For example if you're more interested in blasting away then the likes of the large sticky target is perfect. Constructed out of durable ABS plastic, and coated with a gel membrane, the BB's stick to the target before rolling down to be collected in the tray below. The BB sticks for a second before rolling down, giving plenty of time for you to see where you've hit.

This is easily one of the most durable and practical targets, and is in effect a plug & play option - no having to reset targets, fiddle with batteries or replace paper etc.

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