FLY Frankie McPhillips Hand Tied Irish Fly Selection

FLY Frankie McPhillips Hand Tied Irish Fly Selection

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Selections Available:

Irish Sedges

Green Peter, Red-Assed Peter, Sheelin Sedge, Small brown Sedge, Grey Flag, Murrough

Irish River Wet Flies

Alexandra, Goldhead Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail, Wickham's Fancy, Butcher, Freshwater Shrimp, Greenwell's Glory, March Brown.

Irish River Dry Flies

Black Gnat, Greenwell's Glory, Grey Duster, CDC Emerger, Adam's, Klinkhammer, Foam Bettle, Griffith's Gnat.

Irish Stimulators

Green, Golden, Black, Corrib Olive, Yellow, Sooty Olive.

Irish Daddies & Hoppers

International Hopper, Red Daddy, Silver Daddies, Malone's Daddy, Gorgeous George, Corrib Grasshopper.

Modern Irish Wet Flies

Reymond, Irish Butcher, White Hackled Bibio, Marauder, Invicta, Telephone Fly.

Irish Bumbles

Claret Bumble, Golden Olive Bumble, Sooty Olive Bumble, Clan Chief, Hot Orange Bumble, Fiery Brown Bumble.

Irish Salmon Flies

Curry's Red Shrimp, Apache Shrimp, Bann Special Shrimp, Wilkinson Shrimp.




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