Shakespeare Cypry Carp/Pike FS Spin Reels
Shakespeare Cypry Carp/Pike FS Spin Reels

Shakespeare Cypry Carp/Pike FS Spin Reels

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The range of Shakespeare Cypry FS spinning reels are design specifically for carp anglers and offer exceptional value, quality and reliability to cover a range of different fishing techniques.

The Cypry Freespool reel features a durable 1+1 bearing system with a large diameter bail wire and a graphite handle. The reel also includes a graphite spool and each one is supplied with pre-spooled, 12lb mono.

The size 40 in the range is ideal for when you are fishing for smaller carp using feeder techniques and they also work well when fishing for barbell and tench, utilising the reel as a specimen reel.

The size 60 is the most common and standard size for short to medium range work for most specimen carp tactics.

The 80 model reel is best for heavy duty work like spodding and includes a long cast style spool for when you are fishing at longer ranges.

The Shakespeare Cypry FS is primarily black in colour and includes a graphite spare spool supplied with each model. You can choose your choice of model from our drop down menu.

Below is the line capacity for each reel.

Reel model:
40 - 10lb
60 - 14lb

1+1 bearing system
Large diameter bailwire
Graphite main spooled with 12lb mono
Graphite spare spool
Graphite reel handle
Proven reliability

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