Cleartone Acoustic Treated Strings

Cleartone Acoustic Treated Strings

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Cleartone Phosphor Bronze strings are made of a 92 percent copper and about 7 percent tin and less than 1 percent phosphor which gives the string a more round and full tone. It also has more warmth and depth of bass with a brighter resonance than the 80/20s. These strings will give your instrument a fuller sound around the mid frequencies.

Cleartone Phosphor Bronze strings are about playability, the Cleartone Phosphor bronze has a little more bend than the 80/20. Where the 80/20s feel sleeker, the phosphor bronze have more give, they feel more consistent and bend better. When you are finger picking you can definitely hear a difference between the bronze and the alloy, the phosphor bronze has a bit more volume. The high tension winding of these strings makes the string keep tuning consistency.

Cleartone has used their EMP (Enhanced Molecular Protection) treatment. It prevents rusting due to your hand's acidity levels. It is an ultra-fine coating that, although used in other strings, clear tone made so small that it does not interfere with your instrument or the string's tone (the coating is about 1 micron thick, in comparison your hair is 10 times thicker.) 

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