Camry 3 Head Shaver Waterproof

Camry 3 Head Shaver Waterproof

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It is a perfect choice for men who value quality and comfort. The electric shaver is equipped with 3 individually floating heads which guarantee maximal precision of shaving your face and neck. Ready to use in every moment thanks to being battery-operated. Maximal charging time is up to 1,5, which enables you to charge your shaver quickly and then it can provide you with 60 minutes of continuous work after a full charge. It also is waterproof so you can clean it under running water.

he electric shaver CAMRY CR 2925 is a product for men who value comfort and modern solutions. The quality and convenience offered by our device will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Shaving accuracy, high-class built, and simplicity of use with the ultramodern design are its biggest advantages.

The shavers functionality is simply amazing

Choosing the right shaver is often not so simple. When buying a specific model, we usually care about the accuracy of shaving and possibly additional functions that the device has been equipped with, which will allow us to take care of our skin or trim our moustache or beard. Our shaver has a high quality three rotating heads and a system of independent blades that ensure accurate shaving of the face and neck. Because shaving heads rotate independently of each other, the shaver will remove even short stubble. The elegant and compact shaver also impresses with its design. It is equipped with a multifunctional LCD on which you can track the operation indicator, remaining shaving minutes indicator, charging indicator, blocked shaving heads indicator and even a cleaning indicator. As a result, we immediately know when to clean the device or plug it in, which will help to avoid a discharged battery. The shaver can be used at any time because it has its power supply. The charging time is about 1.5 hour and the working time is up to 1 hour without breaks. This allows you to shave thoroughly in all conditions, including when you are away.

Additional features and a full set

The shaver is waterproof, so we can use it without fear after a shower or bath. It is easy to keep it clean and wash its elements under running water, which is especially important, because regular cleaning of the device guarantees better shaving results. The shaver is equipped with a travel lock, which facilitates its transport in the luggage. All you have to do is hold down the power button and you dont have to worry about the shaver being damaged by an uncontrolled start while travelling. The set also includes a foldable beard trimmer that will allow you to trim and care for your beard, sideburns or moustache regularly. For the convenience of use, the set also includes a charger, a brush for cleaning the trimmer and blades and a travel bag, which protects the shaver from scratches and allows you to store all the elements of the set in one place.

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