Blaster Open 0.2g 3300 Bio BB's Bottle (Biodegradable)

Blaster Open 0.2g 3300 Bio BB's Bottle (Biodegradable)

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    • Premium grade 0.2g BBs from Blaster. 
    • See ASG's environmental policy regarding BIO BBs at the following link.
    • The new environmentally friendly airsoft BB, suitable for all airsoft guns including models with tighter bore barrels.
    • Finally you can go green while maintaining accuracy, range and consistency in your airsoft gun.
    • Manufactured to exact dimensions within a +/-0.01mm tolerance. This environment friendly BB will shoot tight groups at long distances.
    • Non-toxic and safe for use in local environments.
    • Tested according to EU and US regulations, the BB's contain PLA, a thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, or sugarcanes.
    • It biodegrades in the presence of primarily moisture and oxygen.
    • Along with the G&G BIO BBs, these are the only other brand of BIO BBs we would recommend, due to their highly polished finish, lack of visible seams and perfect shape.
    • 3300 BBs in a plastic bottle.

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