ASG Dan Wesson 6" Revolver - Silver

ASG Dan Wesson 6" Revolver - Silver

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  • ASG's Dan Wesson range of CO2 revolvers are amongst the most realistic airsoft replicas you can get. This is the silver, 6" barrel length model.
  • Full metal construction with contoured ABS grips.
  • ASG have full licensing authority from Dan Wesson themselves, so each model has genuine stamped markings on both sides of the barrel.
  • Every part of the pistol is metal including the trigger, hammer, outer barrel and frame, cylinder, cylinder latch, inner barrel and extractor rod.
  • Coming in at 1.04kg, the pistol has a very impressive weight.
  • The grip has an ergonomic shape making it a comfortable pistol to shoot. This grip can be hinged off the pistol with no tools, revealing the CO2 cartridge compartment.
  • Simply undo the cartridge screw, insert a 12g cartridge and tighten the screw to break the seal. The pistol is then ready to shoot.
  • The revolver ships with six full-sized metal shells which are completely removable. Each shell holds a single BB.
  • Pulling the trigger cycles the cylinder counter-clockwise, with CO2 forcing the BB down the barrel. 
  • The Dan Wessons have no hop-up system as the pistols rely on raw velocity to get decent range.
  • Each trigger pull cycles the hammer and produces a loud satisfying "phat" noise with each shot.
  • The revolver also includes a separate 20mm rail which can be attached to the top of the pistol, as well as a six shot speed loader for the shells.
  • A fantastic pistol for the collectors.
  • A note on power: These "1 joule" versions of the Dan Wessons have factory-modified shells to reduce their power output. As a result, the pistols produce a relatively low 200-240fps giving comparitively poorer range than more powerful semi-automatics. The restricter in the shells can be modified to increase the power closer to one joule, however power becomes inconsistent and we could not guarantee sub 1 joule power output. Altering shells or using more powerful shells is done entirely at your own risk and is not recommended from a legal standpoint. We view these pistols in their "1 joule" form as more for collectors and plinkers than for proper long range skirmishing.
  • Fires at: 220fps
  • Weighs: 994g
  • Length: 298mm

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